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- Eugene O'neil

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vintage Plates and Pottery

It is Vintage Thingie Thursday and Time Travel Thursday, and today I am going to share some of my vintage plates and pottery.

I have a small collection and it is very eclectic.  In general, I'll pick up a piece if the pattern appeals to me, and it costs less than $10.  And really, under $5 is preferable.  I don't look for any particular pattern or maker, however, as you can see, florals really appeal to me.  (Actually, that is not entirely true.  I have a small collection of mixed vintage Bauer pottery and Fiestaware, but I'll save those for another post on another day.)

Yesterday I decided to stop by the local thrift shop to see if anything new had come in, and I found the beautiful plate above.  It is a gorgeous lusterware.  The plate is about 13" wide.  And, it was a steal at $2.99!  It was marked "Germany, Lena Jensen" so I figured it would be easy to get online and learn a little more about the piece.

Unfortunately, I can't find anything about this maker or this particular mark.  Does anyone have any information about this mark?  I'd love to know.

Here are a few more favorites of mine:

Two beautiful platters which are in my china hutch.

Calla lillies, suspended in time (and porcelain)!
The piece above is probably a little newer than the others.  But, I love the gold rim, and the cherries, of course.
Here are three mismatched pieces that go well together on the bookshelf in the family room.

Finally, I thought I would share a tiny little ceramic lidded container that I adore.  I especially like the gold handle.

Here's a picture of it, in the bookshelf.  It sits alongside a vintage hat that I treasure, and a mixed media are piece that I created a couple years ago ("Marie Buttonette") using a vintage doll.

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday, and Time Travel Thursday!


Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

Me too!!! I am so drawn to the flowers!
Great collection!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love beautiful dishes...especially with roses! And platters...they are really special! ♥

Tanya said...

What a HAPPY blog!!!!! LOVE the dishes - glad I happened by! Happy Thursday - Tanya

Coloradolady said...

I love your plates and platters! I collect platters too, they are so fun. Happy VTT!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Wow, $2.99 really was a steal for that piece! It makes a nice addition to you china collection.

Thanks for linking to the party. Hope you'll join the fun each week.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Jenny said...

These are gorgeous! Such beautiful flowers!