Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue.

- Eugene O'neil

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A More Fortunate Destiny

It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny
to have a taste for collecting
shells than to be born a millionaire.
- Robert Louis Stevenson

Oh, collections, collections.  Who among us does not love them?  I myself  collect everything from vintage hankies, to dolls and miniatures, to retro kitsch and knick knacks.   But the collection in and of itself has never been enough.  In fact, it is the display of such collections that draws me in.  I love love love curio cabinets, aesthetically pleasing cupboards, a well laid table, or even just a wonderful old bowl or bottle of buttons, left out in plain view.

How about you?  Sunday is a day of  comfort, love, faith, and friends.  What a lovely day to spend sharing some of our beloved collections and inviting our readers to join  in our obsession?

I'll start:

I will probably post more about dolls on Sundays, than any other thing.  Ha!  I love miniatures of any kind, and always have.  As a very young child, I thrilled in the fantasy that I could escape into a tiny world, and start anew - with a life crafted by very own liking.

Here is a recent dollhouse - I had a great deal of fun decorating and playing inside this house.  Most (but not all) of the furniture / furnishings are vintage.  The dolls are mini blythes.  Another collection - as evidenced in an earlier post.  I am sad to say that due to the economy's impact on our family, I had to let this dollhouse go last summer.  But I'll always have this picture!

I think dollhouses are a wonderful way to play, and display your miniature collections at the same time.  Don't you?

I would love to feature a few more fabulous ~collection/display~ posts I found around the blog world.  Without further ado:

Speaking of miniatures, this is one of the most delicious doll houses I have ever seen!  Wait until you step inside this door.  Leave a comment and let them know that Born Broken sent you!

Some people have incredible chintz and teacup collections.

How about this collection ~  Got Milk?  ; )

So, what do you say?  Do you collect anything fun?  How do you display your wares?  I want to see!  Share you links with me.  : )

Have a great week everyone!

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