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- Eugene O'neil

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nothing Remains... except!

A few years ago, I was going to pick m y nephew up from daycare, and as I drove through the neighborhood where his preschool was located, I saw the fabulous candy machine that you see above, on a street corner with the sign "free" taped to the front of it.

After picking up my nephew, I drove past the street corner again, but this time I stopped.  I got out.  I oohed.  I aaahed.  And I was sold!  (Well, it was free, after all!)  Don't you just love the actual 'candy' sign?  It is one of my favorite parts of this vending machine.

Several years later, I have since gutted the inside (harder than you might have expected - it required a crowbar and a lot of elbow greese!) and cleaned it up.  A part  of my mini-blythe collection found its way into the candy slots, and we use inside to store dvds and vhs tapes.  Significant additional restoration is needed.  We have the gorgeous red bakelite-ish nobs that you pull to release your candy, that need to be reaffixed below the doll panel.  Also, as you can see the bottom is very scratched up.  I'd like to do something about the paintjob - either repaint it in its original colors - or - I can't help but flirt with the idea of red, or teal/turquoise.  Hmmm...

In any case!  When I was picking up the candy machine, the original owner (or, second owner I should say) came out of his house, and shared a little history.  This candy machine was originally located at the San Ramon Auto Movie - which was a drive-in theatre located in Dublin California.  The theatre operated from 1966 through the early 1980s.  According to the Cinema Treasures website

"The San Ramon Auto Movie was located off of Dublin Boulevard, adjacent to the 580/680 interchange. The drive-in was easily the most high-profile entertainment venue in the Tri-Valley area during the late '60's to the mid-70s. The land was owned by the Enea Brothers, who also owned drive-ins throuhout the Bay Area.

During the late '70s to early '80s, attendance lagged due to the construction of several multi-screen indoor theatres in Dublin and Pleasanton. Dublin incorporated as a city in 1982, and the drive-in sat in a high-profile traffic area. It closed in 1981 and was demolished in 1982, and was developed into a series of retail shopping centers, and most recently, car dealerships.

Nothing remains of this theatre, save for a few of the trees that lined the back of the screen and former driveway. Amador Valley Boulevard south of Dublin Boulevard was originally the entrance, which is now paved and riddled with stoplights."

Nothing remains?  I beg to differ.  Why, I have proof that a little something remains!  ; )

Here's to hoping you all have a candilicious day, on this Vintage Thingie Thursday!

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LV said...

That id a great idea. You have a very creative mind and did such a remarkable job on it. I would probably left there as junk. It amazes me what people can do with nothing and make it into something so useful.

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Your candy machine made me smile and smile! So cute and clever and a wonderful way to repurpose a vintage classic. Love the dolls in the slots, lol!

Unknown said...

This is the most FABULOUS idea ever. I collect Blythe too so oh, the joy of having a machine that dispensed mini Blythes would be overwhelming. Great idea and fabulous find!

Postcardy said...

That's a cool sign and machine, and I love the photo. I think it looks kind of spooky and ironic with the dolls.

Pam said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVE this old candy machine and what you've done with it so far. I wish I'd come across a FREE treasure like this one - it's fabulous. And I'm so happy that you are saving a piece of history too. Yippee! Pam @ Sallygoodin

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

That is really a creative reuse! And free...that makes it even better!

Everyone is invited to stop by the cottage and join in on the fun at:



Both parties are going on right now, and Ask the Yankee, will be starting June 7th.

Hope to see ya there!
Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Sewn With Grace said...

That is just the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. I love your dolls in it. It's like it was made for your dolls. How very fun. Enjoyed reading the history about it as well. Have a great day!

Tara Beaulieu said...

I absolutely LOVE your creative repurposing of the machine and yes, the "candy" sign is fabulous! If I get a vote, I say red or turquoise NEED to be on this thing. The beige color does it no justice. It's awesome, truly awesome. Great score!

Ann said...

Whoa! What a grand transformation. I would love to have one too but my problem would be space to use it. I love what you did with it.

Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous find and a great story. If I had driven by it, it so would have gone in my car, too. Love that you put your own things in there.

JANN said...

this was a interesting & cool post.
What a good deal in getting this free candy machine. It is all so perfect for the small Blythe dolls
( they are so cute, I have two of them ) to display them .
The candy machine is just dandy !

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Ulla said...

Great find and a fun way to repurpose it.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love this~ how creative and unique! I swear I had some of those little dolls you have inside, but never thought of them until I saw your picture. What a memory stirrer!