Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue.

- Eugene O'neil

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rose Garden Romantic

Wow!  What a lovely blog.  I am excited to post another Wednesday Web Wonder ~ Rose Garden Romantic.  One look at this blog, and it isn't difficult to see why it appeals to me.  Vintage loveliness everywhere.  Plus, check out the blog writers profile, and she explains:  "I enjoy spending time with my family, collage art and wandering around in antique stores and flea markets. I love collecting bits and peices of the past- sheet music, buttons, postcards, books, transferware, dishes with roses, crochet lace, embroidered linens, and anything else that tickles my fancy from the Victorian Age through the 1940's..."  You could practically switch us at birth - although, I must admit - my taste differs a bit in that it includes the 1950s, and (in case you haven't noticed) leans ever so slightly toward kitsch.  Ha!

Still, as the pictures below will show - Rose Garden Romantic is full of gorgeous pieces that I would love to call my own, and short of owning them - I delighted that they are shared through the RGR blog!

Tweet tweet!  I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday - and be sure and stop by Rose Garden Romantic to see the rest of her gorgeous blog.  Let 'em knnow that Born Broken sent you!

Do any of YOU have a Web Wonder of your own to share? Leave a comment/link for me here, and perhaps I'll feature your favorite (and give you a plug too!) on another Wednesday Web Wonder feature, in the not too far off future!


Sewn With Grace said...

Oh, oh, oh! This looks right up my alley! My coffee cup and I will head on over there. Have a blessed day today. Hope the sun is shining by you, it is here in Michigan today!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Chelise! Wow! Thank you so much for featuring my blog! I'm so flattered! Thanks for all the sweet things you said! I'm so happy to have found your fun blog! I have lots of great blogs to suggest for your Wednesday Web Wonder feature! I'll have to make a list to send you. I'm off now to explore more of your lovely blog!
P.S. I actually DO love lots of things from the 50s too, come to think of it! Especially vintage prom dresses and hats! I'd better change that in my profile. :) And I love kitsch, too! I think we are kindred spirits!