Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue.

- Eugene O'neil

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Magical Artful Life

WOW.  Today I have another Wednesday Web Wonder post, and I am excited to share Lani Puppetmaker's blog with you.  Extra thanks go to Deb over at Paper-n-Soul, for pointing me in the direction of Lani's blog.  (Deb, by the way, has a beautiful blog as well!)

One of the things I really like about Lani's blog was the fact that it is multifacted. She shares her beautiful art, her art and digital art secrets (she even provides classes - and her blog readers get a special secret discount.  And at the same time, she talks about her family, her day to day happenings, and also - things that inspire her, or make her pause to think.  Her beautiful mixed media art was a joy to behold - and I loved reading her blog, and getting to know her a little better.  Thanks Deb, for sharing her link with me - and thanks Lani - for  sharing yourself through your blog!

If you aren't already intrigued with Lani's blog - check out her profile description:

"Here's my story... well, a tiny bit of it anyway. I was raised in Taiwan where I developed a fascination with Asian food, street theater, dragons & art, was educated in the US, and am now living in a fishing village in Nova Scotia, I tend to find life an amazing unfolding delight. I make puppets, jewelry, artists books and other sorts of folk or alternative arts. I share this magical, artful life with my husband, two cats, two dogs and any relative or friend that drops by. The welcome mat is always out. We will put on the kettle and have tea or coffee and watch the waves. (We've seen whales from the dining room window.) Just give us a shout."  - Lani Puppetmaker

Hope everyone is having a wonderful middle of the week!

Do any of YOU have a Web Wonder of your own to share? Leave a comment/link for me here, and I'll feature your favorite (and give you a plut too!) on another Wednesday Web Wonder feature, in the not too far off future!


Lani Gerity said...

Wow, thanks so much Chel, and I'm delighted to have found YOUR blog!

paper-n-soul said...

Chel, thanks for the blog mention. Yes, Lani's blog is amazing. I always find inspiration there! Lani is a wonderful artist and soul who is always looking for that little bit of magic to share with the rest of us. :)

I am enjoying your blog, as well!