Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue.

- Eugene O'neil

Sunday, April 4, 2010


in yourself,
in love,
in trust,
in magic,
in angels,
in happy endings,
in God,
in promises,
in miracles,
in people,
in fairy tales,
in following your heart,
in peace,
in true happiness,
in never growing up,
in following your passions,
in making your dreams come true,
in helping people,
in making the world a better place,
in changing for the better

(found on facebook)
Today, while blog hopping I happened upon Whimsical Notions.  I do not know the blog author, but it is a lovely blog and it was fun to read through her recent posts.  Well, except of course, the most recent post - where the author explains that she is going through a heartbreak that so many of us have been through.  My heart goes out to this fellow blogger, as my life was never so upside down and upsetting as in the days and months surrounding my divorce.  Of  course, I am remarried now and can attest to the fact that life goes on - but knowing this doesn't lesson heartbreak in the moment. 

I hope that like me, you might take a few  moments out to pray for the author of Whimsical Notions, during the difficult itme she going through, and I equally hope that the knowledge that prayers are coming to her from far and wide - will bring her some comfort.
In any case, what brought about this blog post was the wonderful poem above, that I copied from the Whimsical Notions January 28, 2010 entry.  It appears it was copied from a source on Facebook.  I just thought that this was the most beautiful poem.  Very simple, directly to the point. 

Never give  up.  Always believe.  Despite our misgivings, our great mistakes, our debt and even denial - all is made well, and worthwhile - if we don't give up.  If we just believe.
What a beautiful Easter message - don't you think?  And so, there too - I hope you will join me, in believing.  There is an old saying - but it is a saying for a  reason - it has more than a ring of truth to it:
Miracles Happen - To Those Who  Believe.
Whether  you are Christian or Jewish or Buddhist or other, does  not the Easter message offer something for us all? Love is here, love remains.  Love can not be sealed away or stopped or thwarted.  Push it down and the result will be the same.  Why not believe in the miracle? 
Love Will Always Rise
Happy Easter All.

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Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Thankyou so much that is so beautiful and i love your blog,God is the glue i love that.I am broken but i know in time i will mend.Thankyou so much for reaching out to me.