Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue.

- Eugene O'neil

Monday, March 8, 2010

Living on the Mend

Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue. - Eugene O'Neill

Welcome to my new blog. Pull up a chair and relax. Or better yet, have a seat on my new futon/daybed. Tired? You've come to the right place.

I am exhausted. I have been planning this blog post for months now. Maybe even a year. I have a world of words inside of me, and at the same time - nothing to say. I tell myself it isn't writer's block - but instead - a lack of graphic capacity.

My computer crashed. I couldn't find the original discs that uploaded all my programs. Specifically - my photo editing and graphic design software. So, I couldn't put a blog header together. Really. This is my good excuse for not doing this sooner. I couldn't be bothered with the complexities of dealing with software co. beaurocracy in order to get replacement copies.

Of course, I have an existing blog, but really it is for my art stories, and of course, life in the land of ZNE. ZNE however, is on a casual hiatus. I float out and around it, but haven't had my feet planted squarely there for quite some time. Shockingly (to me, most of all) life goes on. Much of ZNE has been pulled offline. I am in there tweaking things here and there, in order to debut a more self sufficient and member friendly group - hopefully in the next few weeks. However, until that happens, there just isn't much to report.

Meanwhile, life pushes along. It seems all my time and energy over the past year has been spent pulling in all those bits and pieces of me that became so scattered. Every pull and tug is exhausting. Yet here I am. Pulling stars from the sky in the belief that even when everything is muddied, life will shine - once again.

Speaking of stars falling from the sky - somehow in my online meanderings, I managed to stumble across some blogs by the very wonderful itkupilli. (Which sounds like a Hawaiian name to me, but apparently it is Finnish) She has so many fun blog templates, I just had to dive in. If you are in a blog graphics fog - check her out:

We are converting my art studio into a guest room. There are wonderful things about this fact, and deeply emotionally wrenching things about this fact. I won't go into all those details now. Rest assured - my art continues! After all, art is life. However, the shelves and shelves of supplies and oddities and found objects and you name it (all in the name of the art project yet to be...) simply HAD to be cleared out. I am throwing away about 1/4 of it. (Don't panic. Honestly, no one in the world would ever understand why I kept things, anyway. I was saving up for a future appearance on Hoarders, I suppose.) Of the remaining, I am keeping about 1/2, and giving the other 1/2 away. Anyway, basically - that frees up a room. So - our long awaited guestroom is going to be put in. We are ordering the daybed above for the new room.

What do you think? Is it comfy? Good. I thought so too.

Today's glue was just a little bit of comfort in exchange for a room full of memories. That room is a daily reminder of out with the old, and in with the new. The couch? A reminder that change isn't all that bad.

Hope you all are having some success letting go of the old, and letting in the new - while holding on to the important things, all the while.

Do stop by again. I'll be here. : )


Loudlife said...

Oh, Sweetpea, I'm sorry about the loss of your studio - but it sounds like maybe the process was a little cleansing? I hope so. Have some virtual Liquid Nails from me and glue, glue, glue girl!

Sueann said...

Hugging you! Yes time does march on and sometimes it may feel as if it is marching right over you. I know this feeling. I was broken and scattered into a million pieces in 2000 and it took until 2008 for it to start coming back together again. It does take time so don't be in a rush. You want the healing to be just as deep as the brokenness was.
Love you sweetie!!

Sherra Scott ~ Virtual Assistant said...

Hugs to you Chel!

bonniebluedenim said...

Hi Chel, it is refreshing to give away, throw away and rediscover. Process underway here as well. It's always one day, bead, piece of ephmera, or collage sheet at a time.