Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue.

- Eugene O'neil

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sewn with Grace and Loveliness!

What a joy it was to stumble upon the Sewn with Grace blog, a few days ago.  Although I do have a sewing machine, any kind of craft that requires stitches is not my forte. I'd love to change that though, and a blog like the one above is definitely a motivator in that direction. 

Of course, there is much more than just sewing that graces (pun intended - ha!) Sewn with Grace.  Renee, the blog owner, also shares her incredible photos, lovely home decor, vintage treasures and other fun stuff, such as gardening, etc. 

If you are looking for a lovely and inspirational blog read - I encourage you to stop by Sewn with Grace - my Wednesday Web Wonder for today.

Have a great week everyone!

Do any of YOU have a Web Wonder of your own to share? Leave a comment/link for me here, and perhaps I'll feature your favorite (and give you a plug too!) on another Wednesday Web Wonder feature, in the not too far off future!

1 comment:

Sewn With Grace said...

What a nice surprise to have you visit today! Thank you for your kind words on your blog about me. You have a very nice blog yourself and I will have fun reading your posts and getting to know you. Have a blessed day!